Saturday, January 17, 2009

What!? An Actual Tanking Post?


Yeah, I know, tanks qq a lot about the dps in their groups. Many valid points have been made, and I'm sure mine has been made before too, but I really need to get this one off my chest.

Billy grew up in a guild that ended up being saturated with tanks. Mostly warrior and pally types. We would end up with 5 man runs with two toons with tank specs. One would slap on the dps gear and make do with terrible dps, but at least it was a group of buddies, and we usually got through it.

One thing I noticed lately though is the fact that pally and dk tanky types that step back to do dps can cause a problem. The problem is that they keep their threat modifying abilities active. It's probably habit, but if you're a dk on dps duty, it seems you should be in your blood or unholy "form". I think the pally ability is Righteous Fury? Well, it's not helping your tank.

If it's not by accident, but stems from a desire to be THE tank, then don't take the dps spot. It's usually easy enough to pick up a group as a tank. It's certainly easy enough to pug another dd.

Has anybody else noticed that you don't really see "huntard" conversations anymore? They seem to be replaced with "failknight" conversations. I hate to over-generalize, because there are AWESOME dk's out there, but there is some merit to the negative sentiments toward our not quite dead, not quite alive allies.

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  1. From a healers perspective I'm am very in favor of &*$%#slapping anyone who pulls agro making my job harder. I heard this a long time ago and have kind of made it my code: if the tank dies it’s the healers fault; if the healer dies it’s the tanks fault. If DPS dies it’s their own damn fault. Of course there are exceptions, scenarios and situations where that’s not the case; however, buy and large playing your role is paramount to the success of the group other wise you could easily run into an epic gear – epic fail situation.

    Kyne, 75 holy pally


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