Wednesday, January 21, 2009


...I mean myself, not the movie.

I read a blog recently in which the writer described why they blogged. I wish I could remember where I stumbled across it so I could link it here. The gist of the blog was that one blogs mostly for himself or herself. When others read what you put out there, that's gravy...thick, creamy, scrumptious gravy.

I connected with that blog. This project is for me. I'm learning a lot of that "computer stuff" that I had previously avoided. It's a place for me to vent, kid around, and whatever else I want to do.

Even so...I have installed SiteMeter. The numbers aren't impressive, but then again I don't expect them to be. My writing isn't impressive. I don't really have anything new to say, and the things I could say have already been said, better, by the likes of Veneratio, Kadomi, Tankette, the TankHard team, Tankspot folks, etc., etc. These sites form the staple of my blog reading and research about tanking as a warrior in WoW.


While checking up on my site, I noticed that my last post had a comment. A RL friend has commented on my posts, and I thought it was him. He usually has great feedback, so I excitedly checked it out. The comment was actually from Kadomi.

Something I should note about myself is that I have met prestigious physicians, professional athletes, actors, etc. I cannot remember ever having feelings of awe around them. They're just people. Gifted people, certainly, but just people.

Therefore, I was a bit surprised at how excited I was that Kadomi visited my site...AND ACTUALLY POSTED A COMMENT! I called my wife (who wishes WoW had never been invented) and even she was excited for me.

I guess the reason for the fanboy moment is that I really respect Kadomi's writing and point of view. I never feel that elitist attitude from her writing like I see with some of the raider/theorycrafter types. At the same time, she is serious about being good at what she does and acknowledges the importance of knowing what you're doing.

She is also real. What I mean by that is that she will point out where she has struggled, but then uses that to explore what could be done different or better. This was shown clearly in her response to my last post.

So Kadomi...thanks again for your support. This fanboy moment is all for you!


  1. You've got the right attitude towards this whole blogging game, I know, it's exactly how I started. Stick with it and it's amazing the things you'll learn, the people you'll meet and the struggles you'll endure.

    I still remember the first comment I got. I still chat with them occasionally almost 2 years later. After all, you nailed it on the head, we're all just people. We aren't rockstars or celebrities, we're just folks that took our hobbies and started writing about them.

    Keep up the blogging game, we'll be reading ;)

  2. Oh my gosh, this is very flattering. :) I am just a girl who tanks, loves tanking, and writes about it.

    I had a similar moment when I started my blog in June and Veneretio was the first non-guildie to leave a comment. I couldn't believe my eyes. I am still a Vene fangirl and always very happy to communicate with him, and fellow warrior bloggers.

    Keep it coming, as Vene said, we'll be reading. Trust me, the world does not always want to hear about the hardcore guys who conquer content in mere days. There are people like us, everywhere. :)

  3. Much thanks to both of you! Vene, your blog is the first one I ever found when I started wondering what tanking was all about. Your gear guide for new 70's gave me direction. So I'm fairly certain I wouldn't be tanking if I hadn't found tankingtips.

    I read a blog that I now cannot find. It was a recent post by a tank that had levelled up a mage, I believe. He mentioned how far superior the tanking community is over the dps community. He referred specifically to the cooperation and the joy we experience when the group excels.

    I agree whole-heartedly. Thanks again to you both for being a huge part of the spirit in our community!

  4. Way to go, Wallace! Keep up the good posts.

    Every month or so -- for the past three months -- I do a google search for tanking blogs. I've built up a good list (you've already got at least half) and I love checking my google reader each day to see what's up in the world of tanking.

    Each and every blog has something to offer us Tanks, and their input has greatly increased my effectiveness as a tank. Heh, no pressure but I'll be looking to you for input as well.

    Like you, I began a tanking blog. I wanted to record all the selective knowledge I come across, maybe help out a new or struggling tank, and follow in the footsteps of the Tank bloggers who had helped me so much.

    Speaking of which, here is the blog/post that you were looking for about the tank with a mage alt and the difference in mindset of DPS and Tanks: The MeatShield Diaries

    There's a lot of knowledge out there and if it's not us posting it, then who?


    I'm Tanking What?!

  5. I can completely relate to your fanboy moment. I've only recently started blogging too, and when I got my first comment ever, from Kestrel at Kestrel's Aerie, I was starry eyed for days. It's a heady thing, getting your first "real" comment.

    Glad to see another wowblogger out there.


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