Monday, January 19, 2009



...Billy really is self-conscious. And by Billy, I mean ME. So, we hide under his tough looking plate. We hide in there because we're a little bit scared.

I worry that I'm not a very good tank. I try my best to get great gear, and that helps, but I feel that I fall quite short on the execution. I get flustered easily. Sometimes I get so worried about multi-target threat, that I stand there like an idiot waiting for TC or SW to come off cooldown, rather than use what's ready. (My first attempt at the gauntlet in UP reduced me to a slobbering, blithering fool.) Then the realization that anyone reviewing a combat log and seeing all that white damage would /ROFLMAO while pointing at Billy and screaming, "NOOB!!!!!"


My worries aside, I have to say that overall my runs have gone fairly well. I attribute a lot of that to the great people I've ended up pugging with lately. I had a LEET Shammy healer last night that made the runs laughable. And finally ALL the dps actually did more dps than me.

I sent a PST to the healer to thank him, and he said that I was really easy to heal. That felt nice, but then again this seems to me a reference to my gear more than anything.

But the last three times I've logged I've received almost instant requests to tank something. So somebody notices that Billy is around, and hasn't been too disappointed with his performance in the past.

All told, I have to remind myself that I really only have been tanking regularly since the expansion came out. I just need to keep sticking my neck out to work out any kinks. I also plan to continue reading up on gear, specs, etc. to be as prepared as possible.


  1. I've been tanking for years now, and still I fret and worry about my performance. I did the horrible Brann Bronzebeard event in H Halls of Stone yesterday, I think gibbering fool is common for tanks in gauntlet events. :)

  2. This pretty much sums up my feelings about the Nexus Hero run yesterday. I dinged 80 a few days ago and have decent blue gear with two epics. Although I've received positive feedback on my overall tanking performance before and managed my Utgarde Keep Hero run quite easily, I still worry that it's all my fault when wipes occur. When checking the dps of my PUG's dds, I found that the hunter was way behind me and that consoled me somewhat. But I think when you're in the front row and feel responsible for the group's performance, there will always be some doubt involved. We're not alone with that feeling, as your blog shows, and that's comforting.

    By the way, you're doing nice with your blog, Billy. Keep up the good work!


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