Monday, January 26, 2009

Two Questions


So we ran Halls of Lightning on regular last night with my good buddy Kyne. He's about to ding 78. Another 80 and I summoned the group, and as we flew to the entrance, I notice Kyne's pally horse marching up the stairs.

"Kyne, do you not have enough for cold weather flying?" I asked.
"What gave you that idea?" was his response.

We destroyed HoL in short order. I told Kyne to meet me in Dalaran. My bank alt transferred some funds, and I was able to buy Kyne his Cold Weather Flying.

At first, Kyne was pretty hesitant to take my money. He pointed out that I had almost enough for my epic flying. This was true enough, and the idea crossed my mind to keep the gold for myself, but then I remembered being in the same boat as Kyne, and my good buddy Kauka bought my cold weather flying.

It felt great to pay it forward, so this is my question:

Do you have a cool story about something you did to pay a favor forward in game? You could also include a story of being the recipient of a "pay it forward" moment.


I really like the model for the Titansteel Shield Wall.

Second question:

What in game item model or skin do you really like?

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  1. Good on you that you cleaned that guy up. I learned the hard way tanking heroic Mechanar on the Nethermancer Sepethera fight that I had to do the Pally version of stance dancing with my auras. I had to not only kite her in circles, I had to keep Fire resist aura up and pop into frost resist when she tried to pop a frosty one at the squishes. I had to look at the og to see why my DPS kept geting owned.
    Good times. MAkes me want to go back to tanking.


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