Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Introducing BillyWallace!

I decided to make a blog about my warrior in World of Warcraft. His name is Billywallace, and he is on the Skullcrusher US PVP server. To be honest, I hated playing Billy for the longest time. Between the struggles of levelling a warrior and the constant ganking on the server, Billy got benched around level 50 while I levelled a mage on a PVE server all the way to 70 before I came back to Billy. I really only came back for social reasons. A lot of friends had hit 70 on Skullcrusher, and my next highest toon at the time was my Pally at 31, therefore, I decided to work on Billy so I could run with my friends.

I played around with arms and fury specs but thought maybe I would enjoy tanking. So I went prot when I hit outlands. That was a flop. It turns out my guild was loaded with tanks who had levelled and acquired gear and experience. I returned to switching between fury and arms and finally understood the reality of a warrior's gear dependance. I tooled my way to 70, but still struggled with wanting to log onto Billy.

Some months before Wrath was released, I started to get the tanking bug again. I think it was when I stumbled across and I used the guide that Veneratio put together about gear to aim for when newly reaching 70.

Billy had a goal. Billy had a purpose. Billy was starting to get a bit interesting to play.

I still preferred my mage, but that all changed with the release of Patch 3.0 "Echoes of Doom." HOLY CRAP! Prot warriors suddenly were super fun! I still think I hit Northrend first with my mage and got him pretty quickly to 74. It was fun, but one night, my buddies on that server weren't online. I logged over to Billy and started grinding my way into the Borean Tundra.

I had also been somewhat unsatisfied in the only guild Billy had ever been in. There are a TON of great guys and gals in that guild, but I didn't have really close ties to them. (Not the kind of ties where you see so-and-so log on and feel compelled to drop what your doing to hang out with them.) There was a small group forming within the guild as well that bothered me due to their elitist attitude.

A friend from that guild had recommended another guild that he felt would mesh better with my personality. Boy was he right. My poor mage hasn't seen the outside of the Inn in Valiance Keep since Billy joined his new guild.

Since then, Billy has shockwaved countless mobs, and shield slammed his way across Northrend. He has tanked all but a few of the level 80 instances, and I just can't get enough!