Thursday, May 21, 2009

Goodbye for now

I've been pretty much absent lately. I wanted to make one last post to thank the great folks in the tanking community. It's definitely the cream of the crop in my opinion. You've influenced me and made me a better tank for sure.

My problem was fairly quickly to 80. I had a plan for gear and spec. I got the gear. I pwned the heroics with my friends and some great pug buddies. Then I hit a wall.

My play style and time do not allow me to raid. I really want to, because raiding gives you opportunities to become a better tank as well as improve your gear. To date, I have still only seen 2 wings of Nax on 10 man, as well as a handful of forays into 10 man OS and Vault, and one Vault 25 man.

I was already feeling left behind before patch 3.1, but with the arrival of Ulduar, I'm even further behind the curve. I'm also seeing much more elitist BS on the servers like requiring ridiculous gear and achievement standards for Nax runs, when several people going already sport some Ulduar gear amidst their 25 man loot.

I don't blame Blizzard. I think they're doing good stuff and providing some diverse opportunities in game, but atm I cannot raid, and heroics hold little for me, and dailies bore me; consequently, Billy has been semi-abandoned. I'm leveling a priest as well as a DK in my horde guild.

(As a side not, the guild I have my horde toons in was found due to The Instance podcast. If you're not familiar with it and you enjoy WoW, you REALLY need to check them out. Scott and Randy are fantastic guys who are very talented and entertaining. Find them at

Back to the matter at hand. Now that Billy is not progressing, I lack any inspiration for the blog. It's kind of funny, because looking back, a lot of my posts weren't really progressive tank oriented anyway.

I may be back at some point, but who knows. The game has been somewhat depressing for me, and that in itself is ridiculous. Why do something with your discretionary time that you don't enjoy, right?

So forgive me while I pursue other avenues in the game in hopes of finding the excitement and enjoyment that I felt in great measure from 3.0 until fairly recently. I'll keep checking on your blogs and such, but mine is dead for now.