Monday, January 26, 2009

Loken - The newest pushover on the block.


When I first met Loken, I was probably level 77 or 78. He was big, mean, ugly, mean, hit hard, mean, and he wiped the floor with us several times. We finally gave up.

When I was 80 and had a little better gear, Konoha went back for a crack at him. We wiped several times. The mechanics were a bit tricky, and he was hitting hard! We decided to look at the combat logs a bit and figure out why exactly we were struggling so bad. (Gevlon wrote a post about taking time mid run to assess why failure has occurred. Check out his great advice here.) It turns out it was the huge amounts of essentially unmitigated nature damage.


Once we realized it was all nature damage causing our problems, our shammy dropped a nature resist totem. We proceeded to mop the floor with the big sissy.

Last night the hunter in our group used Aspect of the Wild. Which was equally successful. The resisted portion of damage probably averaged around 1000 per hit on each player.

Basically my approach to Loken now is that I just tank him on the circle in front of his throne. Dps stays close, but spread out around the circle. If they feel inclined to dance away from his cast aoe and back, that's their prerogative, but I find it unnecessary with a good healer. Suddenly another fight requiring a sharp group who can understand/follow the mechanics became another easy tank and spank.

Oh, and I was lucky enough that Loken dropped the trinket for me!

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