Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Queu Blues


Patients are fun. If they make you mad, you can stick needles in them or prescribe them nasty medicines.

Patience is not fun. It's right up there with getting stuck with needles or having to take nasty medicines.

There's free transfers off of Skullcrusher, but it seems it's not enough. The times are better, but it still sucks having to wait 20 minutes to play...especially if you have time restrictions placed on you by a parent/spouse/rl issue.


Seriously...I don't want to wait in a line.

So what needs to happen to free me from these long waits? Ciderhelm posted about raid performance issues due to server funk along with some ideas of how to remedy the problem here.

My 2 cents is to allow more freedom with the free character transfers. For example, when I was burned out on trying to level while constantly getting ganked I looked into the free transfer available at the time. What I found out was that I had only ONE server I could transfer to...and it was a PVP server. No thanks.

If I could have chosen from another CareBear server, Billy probably would be over there now throwing out all the /taunt, /spit, /etc he could to alleviate his hatred of the horde without fear of repercussion. Thankfully, they've fixed prot to where I can hold my own in now Billy /taunt, /insult you hairy mother, and /spits just to get things started.

My point is this. (Yes I had one at one time) Allow people to go to whichever server they want that has a lower population. Then Billy can smash face with shield rather than search around for one of these...

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