Sunday, January 11, 2009

Have a sitdown and catch up....


So I finally started a DK. I really toyed with the idea of rolling a Gnomish DK - just because of how much some people hate gnomes, but instead Aeglys, a Draenei, joined my list of alts. The Draenei just looked the toughest in my opinion.


Billy partied like it was 1999 with a couple of buddies this week and had the most epic encounter of all time with them.

It all started when we logged on to see the lovely mail icon. Billy loves mail! Billy especially loves mail when the tooltip says it's mail from Danjur.

See...Danjur is a Blacksmith. Billy wears plate mail. It's a match made in heaven.

Furthermore, Billy is a miner and enchanter, consequently, he cannot use the ore he mines on his own. He loves to make money by selling ore and gems but tends to spend it as quickly as it is made, so travels rather modestly across the various continents scraping up a living as a meatshield and hired hand.

This economic arrangement is comfortable enough for the burly warrior - if just barely.

A dilemma arose then, when Billy and Danjur became friends. Now this is the type of friendship that can only form between two individuals who time and time again face death in the face and repeatedly come out the victors by the slightest of margin, knowing that without the other person at your back, you would have been reduced to a pile of flesh and bones. This is the mutually indebted, stronger than titanium, when it comes to it - I WILL die to save you kind of friendship.

So when Billy saw Danjur struggling to increase his skill at crafting armor and weapons primarily due to a shortage of ore, he decided to help. Billy was seen less and less at the Ironforge Auction House, and more and more near a mailbox in the streets of Dalaran.

Now before you attribute him more generosity than he actually has, or try to make Billy into more of a hero than he is, you need to realize that there was a rather selfish motivation for these donations. The highest of which was the much coveted Titansteel Shield Wall. (My next blogging goal is to learn how to link wowhead items.)

So Billy FINALLY got his shiny new shield, and absolutely could NOT wait to try slamming it into somebody or some thing's face.


About the time that the usually reserved, somber (yet sarcastically humorous)Billy could be seen jumping and screaming joy-filled "WOOTS!" through the streets of the floating city, Danjur and another friend Kyne were talking about doing a dungeon to level up.

Danjur was a level 77 Retribution Paladin, and Kyne a level 72 or 73 Holy Paladin at the time.

Like I said, they were inquiring if Billy would like to seek adventure in a dungeon to aid them in their attempt to level. Billy asked himself who could be better to celebrate the glory of new plate mail armor with than two of his truest friends who also depend on plate mail to keep them alive on a daily basis. And to boot - one of them the creator of Billy's new shield that he was dying to try to dent on a dragon's head spike.

So Billy's response was, "You guys wanna try to 3-Man Violet Hold? A somewhat uncertain, "OK" was good enough for Billy, who was activating the dungeon as soon as (or probably before) asking if his friends were ready.

Wave after wave of dragonkin prisoners were slaughtered as they attempted to break out of the prison. Time and time again, the heroes faced certain death, only to be brought back to prime health by a well cast heal from one of the Paladins. Billy relied on his newly perfected skill of using his bursts of rage to fuel a self healing ability.

As the battle wore on, the human combatants began to tire. Their ability to sustain damage was lower than ideal, and the mobs of enemies grew around them. From time to time, one of the dragonkin would attempt to distract Kyne to slow heals. Billy put extra relish into those particular shield slams. Bone crunched when meeting the Shield Wall, and Billy had never felt more alive.

The first boss was an elemental. When he was hurt, he burst into smaller bits that he then summoned back to himself, gaining power with each piece that returned. Billy tried to lure him away from the following globs, but over and over he dispersed and returned to a more powerful version of himself.

Before he was dead, additional waves of Dragonkin attacked the door to break out. Billy took the fight to the stairs so he could destroy the beast and it's smaller allies where they could not access the exit without facing the ferocious warrior.

The elemental was slain, but there was no time to rest. Billy charged into the next group of enemies while the Pallies drank to replenish mana. Mob after mob was sent to the Twisting Nether, but the next challenge had arrived.

A master of the arcane laughed at the group mockingly. Billy does not like to be laughed at or mocked. His response was as physically violent as his mood. The enemy caster realized that the warrior was no pushover, and summoned orbs to strengthen himself. Billy tried to distract him and draw him away from the arcane masses, but the fight drew on. Every ability available to the combatants was used, and reused as soon as available. Billy discovered combinations of his abilities that he had never thought to employ - mainly because he had never been in constant battle long enough for those skills to be ready in time to use on the same enemy.

They fought valiantly, but soon the healer was overwhelmed. When Billy saw Kyne's knees buckle, he screamed a war cry to bolster his remaining compatriot. Danjur and Billy continued to wear away the boss's defenses, until he was reduced to a lifeless heap.

There was no time to grieve the fallen healer, for another group was already attacking. Billy gripped his shield and charged into the fray. Danjur was able to revive his Paladin brother, and the two bolstered their strength and resumed the epic struggle. So efficient they were in their renewed effort, that the latest wave of dragonkin fell with enough time to allow the heroes a brief respite.

The final wave was dispatched, and a dragon attacked. She wasn't nearly as ferocious as the men had worried, and she quickly fell dead at their feet.

Billy, Danjur, and Kyne slapped each other on the back and hooted and hollered in disbelief at what they had accomplished.

If their friendship was strong before, it is now beyond ability to define. Kyne. guys rock!

I don't like to swear. I really try to avoid profanity, but I have to say that 3-Manning VH was BAD ASS!!!

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  1. The only thing better than having been there; was reliving it through the perfect tribute to a truly Epic battle.


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