Friday, February 27, 2009

Screen Shot: Take 6

Tarsus made my day by tagging me in his blog. I guess that means it's my turn to post a screen shot. Without further ado:

This is my fire spec mage, Twichy, on Azjol Nerub. He's rockin' out with the Chieftans. Good times, that.

This was a great walk down memory lane, so thanks for inspiring me to dig back into that folder.

Incidentally, picture number 7 was Billy dinging 70! And I think it was turning in the quest that gave me Dabiri's Enigma - my first tanking trinket ever. :)

I in turn choose to tag:

Veneratio - It's not the usual thing you'd see in his blog, but it would make my day.



Skeleton Jack

Khol Drake


  1. Twitchy?

    Damn, gotta love mages. It is an accurate description of playstyle though.

  2. Yeah, lol. When I decided to roll a mage (and a gnome in particular) I couldn't seem to name him anything else!

    He is a very responsible mage, though. Never EVER pulled off a tank. (Not that I can remember anyway.)

    But then again, my wife says that I suffer from selective hearing and memory.

  3. Have you played your mage since 3.1? The burst dps now is absolutely insane. Quite frankly, if you blow mirror image and don't pull off the tank, you're doing something wrong.

    Needless to say, mages are my favorite vigilance target.

  4. I played him for a bit after the expansion, but once I started leveling Billy, Twichy got abandoned. He's level 74 now and feeling lonely I'm sure. I'll get around to him....sometime.

  5. I see your tag and raise you a post! Ha!


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