Thursday, February 26, 2009

I shouldn’t have to use Last Stand though

I stole the title from Vene's post about the Glyph of Last Stand. Right off the bat, please take into consideration that it is taken out of context, and this post is just my idea triggered by reading Vene's post. It is not a commentary or editorial on his work.


This post is also strongly influenced by the fact that I am not a raider. (yet) And I'm sure when we get around to the harder content, this will change.

But for now... I frequently find myself in 5 man heroic content with all my "panic" CD's unused. The sole exception is when running with a noobish or undergeared healer. In that case I try to take the edge off for them while they get their feet wet or pray to the RNG gods.

Well, I lied. The other sole exception is when I'm bored. Yup, I sometimes use Last Stand or Shield Wall just 'cuz.

From time to time I find it fun to use my dusty abilities in entertaining ways like popping enraged regen on each CD just to see how much healing you can do. Then at the end of the run, spam the healing done on recount and count the "WTF's". That's good times right there. To augment this one, bandage the crap out of anybody you can if there's any down time.


If you don't believe me...just ask him or her. If you're on 5 man content, the healer is decently geared, and you (or your gear) don't suck, your groups damage output is decent, and your healer isn't bored, then slap me silly and call me Susy.

Personally, when I don't suck, and consequently my healer is bored (that happened once on a Tuesday back in January) and we've got a boss around 35% with my health bar topped off, I'll tell my healer that I still have SW, LS, and ER available so they should see how much dps they can do.

You're doing them a favor in the long run. And if you paid attention to my self heals trick above, it gets you a few more % of total healing done :)

This post was brought to you by the Foundation for Rediculous Compound Sentences.


  1. I often find myself in the same position - unless I know some sort of enrage or damage burst is going to happen on a boss, I rarely use my cooldowns - with one exception:

    Shield Block.

    I shamelessly use it like a damage boosting trinket. It's great for opening up with some nice big shield slam crits. I can always seem to manage at least one under the duration.

  2. I specifically left Shield Block out of my list of CD's for that very reason. I also use it frequently and especially love to couple it with Lavanthor's Talisman from VH for massive shield slam crits.


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