Saturday, February 7, 2009

Growing Pains

Addons and UI's and Keybinds, OH MY!

Last week I messed around with my UI. I like the look and feel of it for the most part. I'll post a screen shot when I get home. Pitbull caused me issues with huge raid frames. I also didn't like the poor choices for visibility of elite vs. regular mobs. So it's deactivated.

I also switched to keybinds. At first I had almost everything bound, but it was just too overwhelming. Now I have the core abilities bound, with an "OS bar" just below my toon with trinkets, shield wall, pots, etc. It's been rough. I'm tired of passing up invites to raid and run heroics. I'm having a hard time being as mobile as I was before and I thought increased mobility was one of the major reasons to keybind.

I do like the benefit of situational awareness. I like being able to use my keys to keep up my rotation while easily spinning the camera to look for adds, etc.

I've been running Stratholme a bit to adjust and develop the muscle memory as well as hope for the mount to drop, but before binding, I could do that run in about 12 min, now I'm closer to 20 with occasional near death moments when a lot of mobs are pulled on accident.

Overall, I'm extremely frustrated and ready to scrap it. I guess I'm looking for advice on how long to expect the adjustment to take, and if I'm doing something wrong.

These are my binds:
F1 = Thunderclap
F2 = Shock wave
F3 = concussive blow
F4 = Cleave
F5 = Heroic throw
1 = Shield slam
2 = Revenge
3 = Devastate
4 = Heroic strike
5 = Shield block
Q = charge
E = taunt
Movement is W and S for forward/back and A and D for strafing left and right.

I cannot comprehend how many of you use shift and alt modifiers. It's just way to much to do with one hand, and I want to limit how much my hand is off the mouse.

Let me know what you think along with any advice. Praise would help to, but only if it's sincere, lol.

I'll make another post soon with a screen shot of my UI with a list of my addons with links.


  1. First off: If you have to get your hand off your mouse to access your keybinds, you're doing it wrong.

    Here's my setup, which is only one in a million, but I guess gives a good idea about the general system of working with keybinds:

    Right Hand: Mouse, always
    Left Hand: Keyboard

    Movement = AWSD
    Core Abilities: 1-4
    Side Abilities: Shift1-Shift4
    Some more side Abilities: Mouse 3-5 (extra mouse buttons are making this a whole lot easier)

    F = Charge
    SF = Shockwave

    1 = SS
    2 = Taunt
    3 = Dev
    4 = Rev + HS Macro

    S1 = Shieldwall
    S2 = Mocking Blow
    S3 = TC
    S4 = Conc. Blow
    S5 = Intervene
    S6 = Challenging Shout

    M3 = Shield Bash
    M4 = Cleave
    M5 = Spell Reflection

    The general idea is not to have to move your hands at all, everything should be in range with your fingers alone.

    Emergency buttons, potions, etc. are in the middle of the action bars, so I can easily click them if necessary (and there's stuff on 5-8 as well as on S7-S8).

    You get used to all that very fast, and for me Shift works just fine (I'm used to type fast).

    Hope that helps :)

  2. Talldar,

    Thanks for the response. When I said limit the time my hand is off the mouse I guess I really meant to prevent it ever coming off. My current setup doesn't require the use of my right hand for anything other than the mouse, but it's still a bit awkward.

    I just can't wrap my head around shift and alt modifiers. If I drop my pinky to shift or alt, it throws off how well I reach the other keys and when I come back I'm out of position and hit the wrong keys.

    I just don't see it working for me. I'm adjusting to my setup slowly but surely, I'll post an update when I get there.

  3. Hey, I think you're making this more difficult for yourself than it has to be.

    don't forget how close R, F, C, V are (even T, G and B, although you have to take your hand off the W and S)

    To give you an idea of how I bind (not that it's best, easiest or whatever, just where my muscles are memoried to)

    1 = shield block
    2 = shockwave
    3 = shield slam
    4 = heroic strike & revenge macro'd together
    5 = devastate
    6 = conc. blow
    7 = thunderclap
    R = charge
    F = Heroic Throw
    C = intervene
    V = heroic Throw & Taunt macro'd together
    T = Battle Shout
    G = commanding shout
    Y = demo shout
    H = mocking blow
    N = Challenging Shout

    I want to get into using shift, alt and ctrl modifiers... but I don't know how long it will take to get into the habit.

    I've got my panic buttons bound to / . & , so I don't accidently press them.

    Spells I don't use as often as I should (but I don't have any clue how to get them in there without going for shift + alt modifiers :-( )

    Spell Reflect

    ummm, I've kinda ranted on about myself instead of being useful to everyone and answering your question... All tanks have an ego I guess.

    Good luck finding bindings that work for you (and don't forget R, F, V etc.!)

  4. Depending on how your fingers rest on the WASD keys, "4" could be a bit far to reach for Heroic Strike if you're strafing to the right. If you usually have your middle finger on W and your ring and pointer on A and D, this would be the case. Strafing is just something that you end up having to do a lot as a tank (it combines moving at running speed without necessarily having to expose your back to a mob), so I prefer to have the thing I need to spam all the time set to a key I can reach with my middle finger. If I need to, after all, I can always run forward by pressing both mouse buttons at once instead of W.

  5. yah, it sucks a little, but I hit it with my index finger and strafe with my ring. I did have to just put my hands on my keyboard as though I was doing it and look down just now to check :-D


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