Thursday, March 5, 2009

A week or so of DoubleYaTeeEffs!?

In case you didn't get my retarded spelling there...that's WTF's!?

I've had this weird phase in game over the last couple of weeks that has me saying, thinking, or screaming WTF!?!? quite often. Let me share a few of them with you.

WTF #1

So I'm tooling along, working on the exploration achievements, when my Carbonite suddenly informs me that a quest is completed. (See my beautiful arrow #1) I immediately thought to my self, "Self...WTF was that!?" So I opened my quest log, and saw that the quest was from Grizzly Hills. (See gorgeous arrow #2) The odd thing about this all was that I was in Silverpine Forest! (Handsome arrow #3) I hadn't interacted with any mobs or anything like that. I had just travelled past a small horde village.

WTF #2

This one isn't new, but I had forgotten, so it got a WTF!? I was still working on the exploration achievement, this time in Wetlands, and I came across Dragonmaw. It is found on the far Eastern portion of the Wetlands. It seems like a really cool staging area for an instance or raid, with low level 60's elite dragonkin all over the place. The level 62 elites made me think that if it was present in Vanilla Wow, it had to be raid status, as the level cap back then was 60. I guess I should google it.

There's also a named elite level 62 dragon named Axtroz. Named mobs must's one of Billy's rules. I secretly hoped for a quest item to start a raid atunement or something like that, but all that dropped was some silver coinage. Very disappointing IMHO.

WTF #3

Very similar to dragonmaw - This time, I had traveled West into Hillsbrad Foothills. The only area that I hadn't unlocked yet was Purgation Island. I found the only island on the map and headed that way. When I got there, the place was loaded with level 59ish elite mobs. They also had nothing to offer by way of exciting loot, quests, etc. Another in game dead end or never developed region? I'll be spending some time on google after this post it seems.

WTF #4

I was in Old Kingdom helping some guildies level and gear. A couple of them were passing out on their keyboards, because it was around 3am. This gave me time to look around. Like any other tall and muscular hero, I was primarily looking at myself. That's when I noticed that my gun has a face!

LOL and WTF!? I've been carrying this badboy around since a couple days after dinging 80 but never noticed this detail! Too fun.

WTF's #5, 6, and 7
FREEDOM OF THE ALLIANCE - I was helping some buddies who were a bit tired of getting ganked in Hellfire Peninsula by all the level 80 hordies that hang out there. (I was about to go on a rant, but I'll save it for another post.) Anyway, we went ahead and did the pvp daily to cap the towers. They shared it with me, and when I turned it in I got the pvp trinket and this achievement!

MEDIUM RARE - I got invited to a raid into Gruul's Lair. It was a horrific experience akin to most of my raiding attempts made of 99% pure fail. However, while we were waiting for the pugtastic members of the raid to get ready for summons, I starting killing stuff. One of the mobs was evidently medium rare. (He tasted well done to me.)

BESTING THE BLACK DRAGONFLIGHT - WTF!?!? Billy has actually completed a raid!? It's a freaking miracle. Really it was. This group had no business completing anything. They would probably struggle with Deadmines. This one will be further explained in an upcoming raid post.

The biggest WTF, however, was the priest who face pulled trash because we were all noobs. He literally said that..."Somebody pull or I will. You're all a bunch of [insert various vulgarities]N00Bs!"

Somehow pulling the mobs while the Main Tank was afk made us less, can someone explain that to me? I saved his squishy butt mainly to save the rest of the group. How does he thank me? Yup, he pulls a drake. It just happened to be the one that goes immune until the mob in the portal is burned. And yes, the MT was still AFK. (apparently he just had to have a sandwich, so he gets a WTF and a /facepalm too)

The priest left group (thank goodness) and the tank got booted. We pulled in another guy to MT Sarth. We downed him easily. The BoE tank ring dropped, and they said to roll greed due to it being BoE. I was retarded and rolled greed. Then the ones that said to roll greed Needed. WTF!? Yeah....I hope to someday share a story about a raiding experience that doesn't suck.

Anyway, sorry for the extra long post, but I actually enjoyed many of these unexpected experiences. Thanks for letting me share.


  1. Thats a big dose on doubleyouteaeff! But then, this is what we have blogs for, the sweet self therapy sessions afterwards *nods*

  2. THat thing from grizzly hills I seem to remember. If you do the quest like it's intended, I think it ports you to silverpine, where you get to see someone kill something or see a grave or something, and then it takes you back. You must have skipped that, and found it while you were out tooling around and gotten credit for it. That's good stuff.

  3. Oh, that sucks! Maybe I should drop the quest and pick it back up, because I certainly didn't see anything special.

  4. And as for those areas you mentioned, here's a little background. you know me, I'm all about the lore.
    Purgation Isle is part of th T 0.5 Armor upgrade quest, and was supposed to be where the King of Stormwind was held captive before WotLK was released and he came back.

    The Red Dragonkin you saw were guarding an old dwarven fortress called Grim Batol. It was the home of the Wildhammer Dwarves, after they split off from the Dark Irons and the Ironforge Dwarves after the War of the Three Hammers, (The Dwarven Civil War). It was the Wildhammer stronghold untill the Second war, when It fell to the Horde. After the Second War ended, the Orcish magicians lost control of their captured red dragons, and they (led by the one you killed) slaughtered the orcs that held them captive, and took Grim Batol. You can see a burned Orcish caraven that the dragons caught as it tried to escape out further in the wetlands, as well as a few survivors of the Orcish garrison there.

    You are stumbeling into some good stuff!

  5. @ Billy - the quest from Grizzly sends you on a vision back in time to that spot in Silverpine. It's likely that they simply phase you and teleport you to that spot so that would explain why you got the quest complete.

    It does help explain why there are worgen taking over Grizzly hills, so if you care about the lore, I would do it over.


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