Saturday, March 7, 2009

Blogosphere Rampant with Taggers! Full Story at 5 PM MST.

To get things started...if you haven't paid Tarsus a visit, do it now. Go ahead! I'll wait...

Now that you've done yourself a favor, back to me. My name is Billy and I can dance, baby!

Umm, no idea where that came from. (It's still true though.)

And now to the meat of the show (completely stolen from the wowinsider podcast, I know)...

Tarsus tagged me for the RP meme (What the hell is a meme? And what's up with all the freaking parenthesis!? Seriously! It's spooky!) I gotta say, he's been a real pal and a great supporter of my efforts here. (Some will thank him, and some will send him hate mail. Some will say WTF!? ENOUGH PARENTHESIS ALREADY!!!) OK, I agree. (kinda) ROFL!

Apparently I'm a touch slap happy from some long hours at work...on to the meme!

What is your name and where did it come from?

My name is Billy Wallace. I know little of my youth. I was found in a basket as an infant on the steps of Northshire Abbey. My "father" was a monk who resided at the abbey. He was the one to find me and decided to help raise me. He told me that it never felt right to name me. I had been carried to him by the winds of fate, and that meant that my destiny, was not his to carry, but mine. He told me that I could only do so after I grasped it with all my faith and strength with determination to follow it's uncertain paths.

My first step was one of self realization. I had to choose my name. I new this from a very early season but was admonished not to rush the process. It would come to me in it's own due time.

I am a dreamer. My adult dreams are filled with the screams of my opponents, the battle cries of my allies, the heat of spilt blood and gore, the pain of self doubt and fear of failure, the price of victory. My youthful dreams were very different. The themes were the same as they are now, but they were still full of innocence and idealism. There was no blood or screams back then, but there was heroism, fighting to protect those you love, and fighting for freedom.

I dreamed of magnificent individuals. Warriors who may never have existed. Soldiers who stood for right. Heroes who bested monsters that threatened their way of life. Gladiators who rose against all odds to overthrow the oppression of evil tyrants.

The name of one of these whispered itself to me in my dream and in my waking moments. It tickled my ear with an odd familiarity as I wrestled with my friends in the apple orchard. It itched my mind with insistence while I completed my chores. It began to bore into my conscience with persistence until I claimed it for my own.

I put my spoon down during dinner one evening and said, "Father, my name is Billy. Billy Wallace. That is who I am."

"It is a good name," he said, and often I was reminded that it was a name with an important future.

How old are you and what is your birthday?

The certainty of knowing one's day of birth and age is not mine to carry. I do know that I am somewhat past my 30th season, maybe in my 32nd. I am old enough to feel the effects throughout most of the day of having slept on the snowy ground. However, I am young enough to ignore all discomfort as I charge with bloodlust into any battle.

I have chosen to honor my entrance into the world in the summer. This is the time of my fondest memories of the Abbey. This is the time that I am certain to visit home and the resting place of my father.

Are you in love and with whom?

Ah. That. Love. My travels have not permitted long-term relationships. I have had certain feelings of attraction for a kindred spirit. She is of my race and she bears a shield. Unfortunately, she has sworn herself to a dwarf, who in all honesty is a better man than I and better equipped to give her what she deserves.

Another female for whom I have felt great affinity is not of my race. Nay, she is not even of my faction and so is labelled my enemy. Our union would not be understood and so shall not be.

What is your favorite mount and why?

Well it certainly is not the Black War Mammoth that I wasted my Stone Keeper Shards on! The woolly beast was much to large to navigate through many arches, so now I keep it in the stables at all times.

For ground travel, I love the sleek power of the Night Elves' cats. They are quiet but deadly.

I am certain that I will soon own a handful of the Gnomish chicken-like contraptions simply to increase my vast collection of mounts, but they will not be ridden, because I cannot stand their infernal racket.

I am fond of the Gryphon for air travel, because to me it is an honorable creature full of dignity and freedom, but one day I shall ride on a drake. A drake of any color strikes fear into lesser men, and so I shall ride one into battle for that very effect.

Do you have a preferred type of Azerothian meal and where do you get it from?

I will eat anything. I enjoy eating any dish that is spicy or grants me strength. I sometimes try to unwind by fishing for dragonfin in Dragonblight. They can be made into great meals. At times, however, this is more exciting than relaxing due to the fact that some of the Horde are also looking for this fish, or for unsuspecting Alliance more likely. They tend to usually travel in groups to avoid fair fights, and I must constantly watch my back.

I have been known to take my meals or warm my journeys with the wide variety of potent beverages available. Rarity somehow makes them more desirable, but isn't that true with most things?

You know those giant mushrooms in Zangermarsh? What is your theory on how they came to be and why they are so huge?

Large fertilizer. Maybe Gruul took his boys camping? I'll ask him if I ever get to meet the ugly brute!

If you saw the Lich King walking toward you, what would you do?

I can imagine this encounter vividly. Through my quests around Northrend, I have seen visions of the transformation of Arthas into the monstrosity he has become. At one point, I felt some amount of sympathy for him, but no longer.

I would bring my shield to bear, grip my sword with my might, allow my rage to build and smolder within me. I would look to that anger to fuel my abilities as I rely on my friends around me for the boon of their support.

I would charge to meet the cursed king, putting myself between him and my allies. I will fight as I have never fought before to protect those dear to me. Surely, the coward will summon minions to aid him, and these too shall be kept from those who support me in my battle.

We will fight until one of us is dead.

I will not fail.

The land will be freed from the curse of the Lich King. Cleansed of his wrath. Relieved of the tainted oppressive haunting caused by his evil workings.

And then we will celebrate our freedom!

Thanks again to Tarsus. This was fun. I now unconventionally tag my buddies Kyne and Thogrim, who have not yet joined us in our blogging endeavors, but should do so as they are both quite capable at spinning a tale to be remembered.


  1. This is good. I will weave my tales here...

  2. Glad you liked it. It's definitely a fun little exercise.


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