Monday, April 13, 2009

I may be immature, but you’re a huntard.

At times I am brash and react to situations while under the effects of strong emotion. The result oft provides me with great amusement, however, frequently under self scrutiny my hot-tempered moments prove to be a source of regret.

I had an experience last night that had me quite agitated. I responded maliciously. I somewhat feel sorry for doing so, but a laugh continues to slip from my mouth whenever I recall my vindictive act.


I have seen a recent return in the number of huntards present in game. Delirious with chasing the top spot on Recount, they fail to notice the negative shadow their stupidity casts over their group and the instance.

My observations and consequent opinions: I tire of tanking pets. We already have a tank. I do not need an OT, bring a dps pet. Also, turn growl off!

If you really need to pull, at least use misdirect.

No, you do not get to roll need on the leather item dropped by boss X. Why!? Because it is an immediate and appropriate upgrade for our druid/rogue.

Consider for a moment that you are not the only skinner.

The previously mentioned tidbits are important. If a hunter exhibits these faults singularly or even two or three of them, I may be forgiving….if they can adjust after constructive criticism.

…however, DO NOT ARGUE WITH ME!!!


My friend, a DK, was tanking. He is a skinner. He politely asked the hunter in our group to alternate skinning mobs. Said hunter continued to skin as soon as possible. My friend repeated his request, to which the huntard respons, “Only if you only take every third one.”

On top of this he was pulling aggro and running toward the healer, ignoring the kill order, etc.

By this point I’m begging my friend to boot the huntard from the group, but he’s a nice DK and puts up with the jerk. Then after the huntard skinned the next group without sharing, and my friend’s request was repeated a third time, the huntard says, “Let’s roll for them.”

Now if I had lead, I would have kicked the self-serving piece of trash as soon as the boss hit phase 2 so he would be ghetto hearthed before the loot dropped.

…and I wouldn’t have felt bad about it.


Last night I must have been grouped with the identical twin of the huntard I just identified. He did all of the annoying things that huntards do to distinguish themselves from their enjoyable and useful cousins – hunters. For a time, I gritted my teeth and put up with it. It was around 2 AM and had taken a long time to get a group together – so I was barely tolerating the jerk.

We got to the second boss fight in Utgarde Keep, and I type out my strategy. The hunter puts his mark on the warrior, even though I had raid marked the caster with a skull to reinforce my explained strategy that we burn him first. The huntard then proceeds to argue semantics.

Huntard: it’s not random aggro it’s just a random charge

Me: whatever, it’s not based on the threat of individual players, so it is random aggro

Huntard: not really if it was random aggro he would stay on that player not just charge him and leave

Me: that doesn’t change the fact that I would appreciate everyone staying close to me so I don’t have to chase the boss

Huntard: whatever dude, just pull

Me: ppl still have abilities on cd

Huntard: let them die, pull already

Me: /sit actually the a-hole arguing with the tank is gonna be the first to die…especially since the healer is the tank’s good friend

This shut him up for a little while, but he argued some more throughout trash and continued to speed skin everything so the others skinners had a hard time getting leather.

So we drop the final boss, and the hunter goes running off toward the short-cut out after we loot. I see him leaving and get a terrific idea. I chase after him to make sure he’s in range, and as soon as he jumps off the ledge toward the pool below, I pop path of frost.

He splats, dies, cusses me out. I turn off path of frost so nobody else dies, hearth out, log off, and laugh myself to sleep.

After typing this out I realize that although it was an extremely immature move on my part, I no longer feel any regret, only amusement. I may be a jerk but if nothing else I am a self-amused jerk.


  1. Hmmm... no, I don't see anything you did wrong there. Sounds like the Path of Frost was perfectly timed. Gj!



  2. Heh, nicely done. If you had to put up with an a-hole like that for an entire instance, the least you deserve is one moment of satisfaction at the end.

  3. thanks for the lolz. Sorry you had to put up with the huntards to bring them to us, but I definitely enjoyed the end there :)

  4. You know, this post made my night. I wish I could do that. That's pretty much ownage.

  5. I had a friend path of frost kill me like that in UK. I refused the repair bill. Motorcycle off of the edge of Dalaran parachute cloak does the trick for revenge.

  6. "Path of Frost: Killing morons since 2008"



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